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We focus on creating meaningful and engaging interactions between people and products, services, or environments. Our Experience design service include user research, prototyping, and user testing to understand user needs and create effective solutions. We also apply principles of usability and accessibility to ensure that experiences are intuitive and inclusive. We also incorporate aspects of branding, storytelling, and emotional design to create engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression on users. 



Product and Platform Design

Software product and platform engineering services centered around developing microservices architecture, API-led connectivity, design thinking, agile, and automation to build next-generation software products and digital solutions.

Product and Platform Engineering

Product and Platform Engineering Product Modernization Product Sustaince and Support

Our Work

Our Success Stories

Legacy Modernization

The client is a leading US based Healthcare Company offering their services to Providers and Patients. xStear provided roadmap to migrate from monolithic architecture to microservice based architecture with focus on enhancing the user experience

Self Service Reporting

The client is a US financial Company offering loan to Small and Medium Businesses. xStear provided roadmap to implement a Scalable Cloud Big data platform. Self Service reporting and visualization solutions were implemented considering the user experience

Cloud Native App Modernization

The client is a leading US based Insurance Company offering their services to consumers & partners. Partnered with service provider with funding access (AWS/AZURE) to Migrate the infra on lift-shift basis and modernize applications for cloud readiness along with enhanced User Experience

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