Quality Assurance

Digital Transformation through Intelligent Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) services help organizations ensure the quality and reliability of their software systems. We at xStear offer wide range of Testing services, from Manual, Automation, Performance, API, Integration etc. We believe that Quality reduces cost and increases customer experience. Over period of time, we have developed a proprietary automation testing framework “x-Test“.



Our Quality Assurance consulting services provide businesses with expert guidance and solutions to ensure that their software applications meet the highest standards of quality.

Digital Assurance

Our Digital Assurance service offerings provide businesses with end-to-end testing solutions for their digital applications and platforms.

Intelligent Automation

We provide businesses with scalable and efficient automated testing solutions for their software applications. The service include test script development, test execution, and test reporting to improve the speed and accuracy of software testing

Data Testing

Data testing service offerings involve validating and verifying data to ensure accuracy, completeness, consistency, and integrity. These services may include data quality assessments, data validation and verification, data profiling, data cleansing, and data migration testing.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a type of software testing that evaluates the speed, stability, scalability, and responsiveness of an application under different workloads. It helps identify performance bottlenecks and ensures the application meets the desired performance goals and user expectations.

Cloud Testing

Cloud testing service offerings involve testing cloud-based applications, infrastructure, and services to ensure they perform optimally in a cloud environment. These services may include testing for security, scalability, performance, availability, and compatibility across different cloud platforms and environments.

Our work

Our success stories

Data Testing

Client is a large retail chain that recently implemented a new customer loyalty program. Our Solution included data quality assessment to identify any errors, and then  validate and verify the data using scripts. 

Mobile Testing

Client was a large healthcare provider who developed a mobile app that allows patients to schedule appointments, view medical records, and receive notifications about medication and appointment reminders.  The scope included functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Legacy Modernization

The client engaged to modernize the legacy application. The scope included both application modernization and end to end Testing including but not limited to functional, non functional, performance, load testing and security testing.

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